1945 Ford GPW 

Rescue took place Feb 2012

When complete this

GPW goes to Germany.

Opening the vault

Sleeping relics

Winching the GPW out

YJ saves GPW :)

Why am I out in the cold and snow??

Very complete!!

Many many F script parts

Not rain, nor sleet, nor snow

will stop us from rescuing a Jeep!!!

Rarely seen late war option.  This is

a plug for giving the Jeep a boost charge

in cold weather climates.

Radio terminal box.  I have not seen

 one of these in a Jeep yet. Here is a link

to information on them: Terminal box

Rebuilt parts from Army Jeep Parts.

Christmas come early!!


After prep for painting.

Tub is off!!

Front hat channels need work

Rear cross member needs attention

Drivetrain out :)

Tub looked good, metal was VERY thin

Engine out

New never rusted or cut frame!!!

Worn bearing race

replacing ALL seals

All parts meticulously cleaned

Engine prepped and primed

Ford grey

All brakes and lines installed

Installing engine

New pilot bearing in flywheel

worn original is next to it.

Engine back in its home :)

Ready for test start

supposedly good engine seems to 

have issues :(

Porta power body kit

straightening the cowl

Filling rust pits in the hood. Wondering

If someone carried dear from hunting

trips on this to cause the odd pitting.

Still have to run a final glazing over pits.

Rust hidden by radio electric box

Upper piece salvaged from donor tub.

Lower piece was mangled and removed

from GPW tub.

Mangled section cut from door

After welding bottom seam of new panel

strap was used on vice grips to pull

warps out of drivers side. Then welds

were added to interior support channel.

Grill had around 20 to 30 small holes

Welded all of them in and ground them.

Removing valve keepers

Peter removing the oil pan

Pistons, wrist pins rods etc.. in nice shape

Cylinders all smooth

Vlad carefully removing built up crud

Block stripped for machine shop

repairing fractures

Media blasted

F script on fender

Beachwood canvas is the best!

Rebuilding steering bell crank

Driving out the retaining pin

Army Jeep Parts rebuilt steering box

Aaaaaand the engine is in AGAIN

Combat rims