We restored this Jeep in December 2011

for International Military Antiques of NJ

IMA carries the machine gun and 

pedestal pictured on the GPW.

Special thanks to:

-Izzy, John, bobby, mike, vlad, 

kelsey and my father


-George Baxter of

 Army Jeep Parts


-Beachwood Canvas


-Ron Fitzpatrick Jeep parts

Arrival from Oklahoma Nov, 2011

The job was to restore the red GPW

in less than a month!!!

Major rear frame damage

Body stripped

Rear frame repair using section from

a frame with front end damage.


Painted, Hurray!!

Mike prepping the tub

Awaiting paint

John and my father working on engine

Izzy contorting to install wiring.

True-Temper shovel

USA stamped True-Temper Axe

Delivery day at International Military

Antiques in Gillette NJ.

Bad German!!

We just fixed that!! Bad!!

Bobby, Mike, the GPW and I

Field testing at Battle of the Bulge

reenactment, January 2012

The TV show director, the guys

from IMA, and myself in red beret.

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