Going to the main shop!

Thumbs up from Peter

A squirrell lived in here

Cleaned and marvel mystery oil

added to lightly stuck engine.

It is wonderful having the right tools!!

Successful test drive!

Improper paint prep, washing the Jeep

underneath resulted in this.


layers of paint and surface rust

media blasted

Rustoleum primer for rusty surfaces

has successfully prevented return of

rust on projects of mine for 15 years.

media blasted

Firewall media basted and painted

Radiator painted due to old

red paint overspray

Old vs. new

New spring in place

Rotted channel cut out.

new support channel section

4th or 5th sanding... lost track now

Richard painting the hood

Looking good finally

Now for the body...Again!

After 1 month of dealing with old paint

reacting with new we finally found a

formula that worked. Flat black  with

a gloss clearcoat.

Flourescent lighting makes the

cream wheels look oddly yellow.

Keeping it covered