Sitting outside in Binghamton NY

Ugly roof removed


Yup, the body was toast.

Happy, rebuilt transmission

Cleaning down the frame.

Fitting front horns

New rear crossmember

Engine cleaning and checking.

You can eat off of this now :)

Cleaned steering box ready for rebuild

Cleaning down and priming the hood

Engine cleaned and ready for paint

Engine was labeled as a CJ2A

but military paint and timing chain

showed it to be a leftover WW2.

Parts laid out for painting

Frame painted. 

This is the OD khaki from RAPCO

Running gear assembled

Tub installed.  The tub came from

Willys Overland and with their process

of pre-drilling and realigning the MD Juan

tub it installed in 30 minutes!!!

Mike checking things over

Cushions installed, restored original

hood and fender behind them.

The back of the grill was very bent, some

heat and dollying straightened it out.

Restored original combat rims

Original grill, hood, fenders, frame

One original bumperette

Click the picture to see engine run

Resting after maiden voyage