Looks can be deceiving

Underneath the paint and stencils

was a total mess.

Reviewing what we have gotten into

The grill was rusted solidly in place.

"No Step" was because there was no

solid metal.....

One of MANY classic repairs.  The

front of the frame was beyond twisted.

Sometimes you have to get silly.

We ended up sawzalling the frame.

What was Bubba thinking this would do?

Drivetrain was salvaged and put on a

Hotchkiss frame we had in stock.

Cleaned and awaiting paint.

frame stripped of rusty steel

New sheetmetal welded in place

Welds on hood broken

Welds repaired, sanding to bare metal

Whole body sanded

Weak spots cut out and repaired

Toolbox floor repair

Large  hole at bottom of seam repaired

 with steel.

This has obviously not

functioned for a while!

Carefully pressing the pin in place.

I change the metal to a glass bowl when

I have them so you can see the fuel flow

Final details coming together